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Create, Inform, and Uplift

D'Risen Production LLC is an independent production company that develops films, plays and other specific production projects or media broadcasting with an upbeat urban approach.

Determined to bring life to words through creativity of the mind and movement of the inner soul.



D’Risen Production LLC was established December 1, 2020! During the pandemic a time when all forms of social media platforms were being used tremendously for entertainment, resources, communication and soul searching.  Topics such as mental health, mental wellness, trauma, hope and faith were being discussed more frequently as people were looking for answers and understanding. D’Risen Production LLC wanted to bring those various topics to life through the arts of plays, podcasting, trainings, infomercials and content creation.

D'Risen Production LLC content is faith base and mental wellness focus, a place where all individuals can be seen and heard.



D'Risen Production LLC is destined to highlight a rawness of untouched talent, while depicting an array of crafty characters of our daily being that one can relate too. All materials and content will be written and produced under the direction of D'Risen's executive staff.



Clear and concise content that one can relate too, through the theatrical formation in a vibrant setting.



Dramatically scripted with an emphasis on undiscussed topics within us or our community, while willing to shed light, hopefulness and awareness.



Our passion for creativity, innovation and a willingness to be inspiring to those around us, before us and after us. We are here to encourage, share and spread nothing but love that has been graciously been given to us, AS1!



Is about one woman’s adaptation of becoming a young grandmother at the age of 38. Tune in weekly to hear about the trials, tribulations and triumphs, of her new role as Grammi!

Listen in as she takes you on an award winning journey of her world, “Grammi Life” and how she has managed to adapt, to live, to laugh and to love unconditionally! Through faith and a great support base, aka, her Grammi Village.


Airs Every Thursday, 7:30 p.m

on Spotify, RadioPublic and Breaker


D'Erika Nichols-Woods


• Producer

• Director

• Content Creator

• Filming



writing, shopping, spending time with family

Vincent L.

Audio Technician

• Writer

• Producer

• Poet

• DJ

• Hobbies-Music, Spending time with family, Fashion

Thornton Webb


• Counseling 

• Therapeutic Services

• Hobbies-Reading, Fiction writing

Shameika Johnson

Stage Coordinator

• Manage production setting

• Hobbies-

reading, writing, painting, designing, spending time with family

Meet the Team

Our Services

Meet Your Service Providers


D'Erika Nichols-Woods

Certified Trainer in Suicide Prevention/ Wedding Officiant

Meet D'Erika, the visionary behind D'Risen Production LLC. With an extensive 17-year background in the non-profit sector, D'Erika has dedicated her career to working with individuals with disabilities, bringing compassion and expertise to the forefront.

As a seasoned trainer in Suicide Prevention QPR and Mental Health 101 for both youth and adults, D'Erika has become a stalwart advocate for mental health awareness. Beyond her professional pursuits, she wears the hat of an Ordained Minister, lending her warmth and grace to all couples as a wedding officiant.

In her personal life, D'Erika finds joy in spending quality time with her family, expressing her thoughts through writing, savoring delectable meals, exploring the world of cigars, and curating an impressive collection of Puma shoes.

Her creative spirit shines through various outlets, from being a skilled poet to hosting engaging podcasts and showcasing her vocal talents as a singer. Amidst all these roles, D'Erika takes pride in being a devoted wife, a nurturing mother, and the cherished "Grammi" to her "Little Peeps" !


Traci Thornton Webb


Meet Tracie, a seasoned psychologist with a rich professional background spanning over sixteen years. Her diverse experience includes working in higher education, running a private practice, and providing therapeutic services in a men’s prison. Throughout her career, she has specialized in offering counseling to both couples and individuals grappling with issues such as substance abuse, trauma, depression, and various mental health challenges.

In her current role as the Chief Psychologist in the Office of Behavioral Science for the Michigan State Police, Tracie plays a pivotal role. She not only imparts her knowledge at the training academy but also conducts insightful presentations on self-care. Additionally, she dedicates her efforts to helping enlisted and civilian members process the often-traumatic experiences they face in their demanding workplace. Tracie finds immense satisfaction in witnessing individuals navigate the journey from unhealthy functioning to achieving overall wellness.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tracie is a devoted family woman with four children and a marriage that spans thirty-one years. In her leisure time, she indulges in reading, explores her creative side through fiction writing, and cherishes moments spent with her two beloved dogs—a Jack Russell Terrier named Huey and a Shih Tzu named Preston



Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide Prevention Skills Training in 90 minutes you can learn how to interact with an individual when in a crisis through QPR, Question, Persuade, refer will equip you, empower you and help you to save a life.

Participants will receive a certificate once the training is completed. CEU credited for those continuing education.


Premarital Counseling

Pre-martial counseling is provided for those seeking a blissful marriage with a certified psychologist. 

Counseling goals are to help couples establish and to maintain a healthy, happy and loving relationship through interactive counseling. 

Sessions starting at $25.00

Day Session

(1 hour)

Week Session

(per day for 1 hour)

4-6 Week Session

(1 hour per week with homework and more)

*Each couple will receive a free 6 month follow up after marriage. If seeking more counseling that can be arranged. Payment details will be discussed before services begin.



Wedding Officiant to provide couples an opportunity to create their special occasion of holy matrimony with a customize wedding script that will leave a lasting loving impression for the happy couple to be.

Who beliefs are simple;

  • All people have the right to marry

  • All people can choose what type of ceremony to be conducted i.e. traditional or non-traditional

  • All people can have whom they choose to marry them 

Starting at $75.00

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D'Risen Production LLC is destined to highlight a rawness of untouched talent, while depicting an array of crafty characters of our daily being that one can relate too. All materials and content will be written and produced under the direction of D'Risen's executive staff.

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